Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

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Global Drilling Pumps, INC are here to support the major water companies in keeping the taps and our underground safe water for the people through the world flowing, which is essential for health and hygiene .  We also help protect both infrastructure and lives by supporting the vital flood defence schemes.  All pumps are built onsite to meet demanding specifications relating to reliability, performance and environmental regulations.  Our pumps range from typically 50 m3/h to 400 m3/h at heads between 30m and 300m. 


GP.SS = Model / Series of Pump.

50 = Standard Flow (m3/h).      

60. = Standard Head (m).   

/7. = Stage.

GP.MO = Series of Motor.

20. = Motor Power.    


To make a difference in our delivery through Excellent Performance.




To be the Market Leader in Value Based Integrated Solution in all its activities.

Technical Data :

H       =  Total head. From 30 to 300 m

Q       =  Capacity. Da 50 a 400 m3/h

n%   =  Pump efficency. Max 78,1 %

Sand content= 100 g/m³ Maximum

Pump =  Completely Stainless Steel Casted.


ManufacturerGlobal Drilling Pumps, INC. USA