About Us

Global Drilling, Inc. was established in 2012, a new division company which will work hand-in-hand under the same Management as its sister company, B&H Paving – Drilling Division.

Where it’s Management with over 20-years of experience providing worldwide services specializing in Vertical and Horizontal Drilling which spoke to itself in different countries such as United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

We provide comprehensive after sales Support, including operational training, warranty interface, and supply of technical service and spare parts.

All of our efforts during manufacturing are aimed to provide our customers with the peace of mind when the equipment arrives on location, it is ready to go to work and will perform reliably.

We provide technologically advanced equipment as we understand the Drillers’ need, thus the companies have to depend upon our problem solving expertise.

As One-Stop source of every drilling project, we render engineering services as well as providing advanced equipments that are required in the operations.

We are willingly able to supply the quality rigs and all necessary tools that will meet all drilling needs.