Submersible Motor

Submersible Motor

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The GLOBAL Drilling Pumps, INC. standard production offer submersible motors from 6” to 10” well diameter, with power from 0.33 up to 200 HP. From 0.33 up to 10 HP can be oil filled motors or encapsulated motors. From 5.5 up to 200 HP are rewindable motors water filled. GP motors are very strong Construction, fully compatible with frequency inverter and they can work for long time without any kind of maintenance. They are formed by:-


STATOR:- winding is realized by electrolytic copper wire, wich is lined with special thermoplastic material and has remarkable dialectric characteristics. The working temperature of water is up to 60°C. On request, a copper wire lined with PFTE material permits the value to rise up to 80°C.


ROTOR:- shaft in AISI420, very stout, driven by bearings against wear (and/or brass BS Pb 15), and supported by sliding block besring, MITCHELL type. It is of oversized-design to bear the max axial bearing of pump with the highest factor of safety.


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