Barbco RP24-150 Tribor Universal Drill

Barbco RP24-150 Tribor Universal Drill

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Item 0981 : Barbco RP24-150 Tribor Universal Drill

(Directional Drilling, Auger Boring & Guided Boring)

Manufacturer : Barbco

Model : RP24-150

Condition : New


 - Barbco RP24-150 Tribor Universal Drill

 - S/N: RP24150061101


Rack and Pinion Drilling System. Hybrid Design. Made to accommodate Pilot Tube, Directional Drilling and Auger Boring Applications with the following Features and Output Specifications:


18,646 ft./lbs. of torque @ 35 rpm

8,338 ft./lbs. of torque @ 70rpm

(boost) 22,000 ft./lbs. of torque for 5 seconds


150,000 lbs. of force @ 30 ft./min

75,000 lbs. of force @ 60 ft./min


Auger Boring Mode - 200', Max Diameter 24"

Pilot Tube Mode - 300'-400'

Directional Drill Mode - 1500', Max Diameter 36"

*Open, Skid Mounted Power Pack - 350HP Cat C9, 24vdc. Complete with Hydraulic and Diesel Tanks, and 50' Umbilical's 

*Extendable Frame-supplied 30' of Frame. Sections can be added or removed, reducing the overall set up length.

 *Grade Adjustable Frame feature for quick (+ or -) slope det up.

*24" Casing Master Pusher with Spoil Ejectors

*Removable Open Top, Dual Breakout Clamps- 17,000 ft./lbs. Make-up, and 40,000 ft./lbs. Beakout

*Wire Line Ready Spindle w/ Rear Mud Swivel

*Pilot Tube Ready Spindle


 - Comes with Pilot Tube Guidance System - Includes Theodolite Stand, Theodolite, Camera, Illuminated Target, Case and Monitor

 - With 60-pcs of 5" OD x 3-1/2" Modified API Pilot Tube x 60" Long (300 Ft.)


ManufacturerBarbco RP24-150 Tribor Universal Drill